Sustainable Food for the Grand Solar Minimum

Hydroponic, Vertical Farming in the Equatorial Region

Eco Friendly

Indoor vertical farming uses far less water and land than traditional farming methods.

Organic Food Production

Hydroponic farming produces organic, healthy fruits and vegetables with maximum sustainability.

ICO is On Now

You can participate in our ICO by following the link above to our Crowdsale Contribution page.

The Montis Crowdsale is now live. Montis tokens (MONP) are available using multiple cryptocurrencies. You can contribute to Montis using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DASH and Bitcoin Cash. We have also just added a Fiat Gateway for users not familiar with cryptocurrencies. Upon contributing using this gateway, instructions for setting up your first Ethereum wallet will be sent to you along with your Montis tokens.
Montis contributors will receive their tokens within 10 days upon verification of transaction. You will be asked to provide an Ethereum wallet address on the contribution page.

Current Price: 15,000 tokens/ETH
The current exchange rate for Tier 1 ending May 16, 2018, is 15,000 tokens/ETH and the initial supply is 500,000,000. The price per token will increase incrementally (-1000 tokens) every three months from the start date. The crowdsale runs for 12 months ending Feb. 16, 2019.

Montis Project Team

Meet the members of Montis
David Dillard

David Dillard

Spain, Founder and Director

David is an Eco Entrepreneur, Architect and Conservationist. His concept for the Montis Project is to solve the food needs of a world affected by Climate Change.

Colette Fox

Colette Fox

UK, Fundraising & Marketing (Specialist / Consultant)

Extensive experience in both UK and international non-profits.

Shannon McGuire

Shannon McGuire

Social Media Marketing

30 Years in Marketing and PR. Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor and Restauranteur.

Vishal Narayanaswamy

Vishal Narayanaswamy

India, Hydroponics and Horticulture

Vishal will lead our team in hydroponics and horticulture management.

Karen Prince

Karen Prince

Costa Rica, International Property Liason

Karen has extensive experience in Real Estate and serves as our global property advisor.

Adeli Rodriguez

Adeli Rodriguez

South America, Cyber Security and FinTech

Adeli will address issues of security and financial management

Aleska Hidalgo

Aleska Hidalgo

Equador, South American Liaison

Aleska is our coordinator for South American operations.

Richard Fox

Richard Fox

UK, Chef, Writer & Broadcaster

Passionate about good food, sustainability & reducing food waste.

Montis News

When you own the Montis token you own Tropical Farmland. Montis, Blockchain for Prime Equatorial Farmland. #ICO #land#blockchain           http://<a href=””>Designed by Freepik</a>

Sri Lanka

We are in Sri Lanka assessing the possibility of our first Montis farm location. The latitude is only 6 degrees above the Equator. Food grows abundantly here without the aid of greenhouses.      

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